THE END IS ENDLESS, Drawing, 9 X1.4M

THE END IS ENDLESS, Installation, SCA Galleries 2017, Images Courtesy Ian Hobbs


Among the many narratives of our moment there is one which perhaps stands out above others: that rapacious greed and self-interest is paving the way towards environmental catastrophe. There are opposing narratives such as a belief in the benevolent, problem solving capacity of free market capitalism, or, the idea that we will come to possess a certain degree of technological mastery which will render all such issues irrelevant. THE END IS ENDLESS envisions a hypothetical science fiction scenario – a kind of vignette of the future told by way of pictorial and video artifacts – in which the aforementioned narratives of our era, along with other remnants of humanity, survive beyond the destruction of the planet. Here I intend to explore the degree to which these markers of our current moment, an unapologetic blend of narcissism, hypocrisy and madness, have always been present in the human condition even when lurking beneath the self-affirming authority of logic and reason.