Technologically Guided Meditation (Sermon Wall Part 2)


Robin Hungerford utilizes video and performance as a means to explore narratives of the human condition, more specifically, ideas and predictions pertaining to ‘humanity’ and ‘progress’. In Sermon Wall Part 2 the evangelical rhetoric of techno-enthusiasts, with theories of transcending the body, combine with an attitude of misanthropic self-loathing to create a visualization of a future period in which we have, for better or worse, plunged deeper down the rabbit hole of our own devising.

The artist sees his inventive exposition functioning as a kind of sci-fi hypothetical futurology, a snap shot of the collective consciousness in the Internet age as well as a portrait of all that which is strange, beautiful and terrifying in relation to our technologically mediated present.



Cloud Messiah


Stronger than our attraction to the electronic devices themselves is our desire to consume information, upload our thoughts and participate in the omnipresent global ʻcloudʼ of consciousness that we call the Internet. In this series of works I am attempting to visualize the virtual deification of modern technology; the self-fulfilling prophecy of a man-made god brought about by our unquestioning devotion to technological progress.