Mind Map, ink on paper, 240cm x 120cm

Mind Map – Exhibition at Fires, November 2020. Photography courtesy Uri Auerbach

Mind Map – Exhibition text
Tell me a story homo-narratus. They’re trained to fill in the blanks so don’t think
too hard about it. Tell me that one about the mischievous mouse. You changed the
world with that one. A fractal explosion the reverberations of which will likely be
felt until the end of time. Tell me that one about how you thought you had it all
figured out. Always projecting – you can project onto anything with a vague
semblance of eyes and a mouth. They’re called knockout mice – part of the genetic
sequence has just been knocked out so they just get this or that kind of cancer or
disorder or whatever. Human analogues – stuntmen in this delirious production.
It’s a mess and it just doesn’t stop. A ceaseless outpouring we attempt to cover over
with some distant memory of a fig leaf. A torrential clawing madness at the centre
of things. Peaking on each new wave of novelty has long since ceased to be novel.
The ecstatic curve flattened to a comforting background hum. I wonder if those
final moments hold a revelation? Try as you might to hold it back it all just comes
dribbling out in the end. Twenty twenty-one baby. Here we go.

Works featured
Mind Map, 2020: ink on paper, 255 x 120cm
Mental Industrial ComplEx, 2020: digital video, 30 mins
The Great Fabricator, 2016: resin, gold leaf, 70 x 22cm